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Krishna’s Thoughts On Ballet Posture


Krishna’s Thoughts on Ballet Posture (captioned on YouTube)


Hi, this is Krishna, your Dark Room Ballet
teacher, and I’m here to talk to you about Ballet Posture.

When we set ourselves up to dance ballet, it is really helpful to imagine a piece of thread attached to the crown of your head
pulling up, and a piece of thread running down the back of each of your legs, down through your heels, into the floor.

When you do that, it helps to activate your core muscles and your inner thigh muscles, to help make yourself as tall as possible, and deeply connected to the floor.

When you do that, it creates a little extra space in your bones, a little extra space between your rib cage and your pelvis, between
your femur bone and your pelvis, and that’s what’s going to help you feel movement easier and freer.