Dark Room Ballet at the ABLE Assembly 2024

In Boston at the ABLE Assembly 2024

Arts Better the Lives of Everyone
April 19-21, 2024

Sunday, April 21

2:20 PM to 3:20 PM (schedule subject to change)

921 Boylston Street
David Friend Recital Hall
1st floor

An Introduction to Traditional Blind Dance Techniques

Presented by: Krishna Washburn, Artistic Director and Alejandra Ospina, Program Coordinator, Dark Room Ballet

Although not well known in English-speaking countries, the oral traditions of blind-specific dance technique are effective, beautiful, and anti-ableist. This session is a brief introduction to the following unique pedagogical techniques for teaching ballet to blind and visually impaired students: 1) the taped floor as tool for alignment and orientation and replacement for the mirror; 2) the back-body balancing system as an alternative posture to forward placement, fixed-point gaze, and spotting; 3) the prioritization of explicit and exhaustive teaching of ballet vocabulary and human anatomy; 4) constant, rehearsed and consistent self-audio description on the part of the teacher, with emphasis on physical sensation rather than visual appearance; 5) a culture of open question and answer time rather than instant correction.

Access the full Workshop Outline:

The Dark Room Presents: An Introduction to Traditional Blind Dance Techniques for ABLE Assembly 2024

Post Workshop Materials:

Continuing Study and Media: An Introduction to Traditional Blind Dance Techniques with Krishna Washburn

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